Integration of WhatsApp and amoCRM
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Write first to the client in WhatsApp from amoCRM and reduce the cost of the client service by up to 90%
Write first to the client in WhatsApp from amoCRM
Start a dialogue with any of your clients from the lead card.

WhatsApp integration with amoCRM will allow you to receive, send and write messages to the customer first and instantly..
Support for the amoCRM mobile app
Ready-made integration of SalesBot and Roistat
Share photos, documents, videos, and emojis
Communicate with customers directly from the lead in amoCRM
Even more features!
Create chatbots and automate sales
Inform your customers about promotions, discounts, and contests using Salesbot and Digital Pipeline
Develop universal templates for answers to frequently asked questions and automate communication with customers
Transfer to the operators leads that have already been contacted by chatbots and increase conversion to sales by up to 60-70%.
Connect all managers to amoCRM
Connect individual numbers to each funnel in amoCRM and increase the conversion to sales due to the high relevance of the offer.

You can connect an unlimited quantity of numbers.
1 (927) 111-11-11
1 (927) 222-22-22
1 (927) 333-33-33
Detect the presence of WhatsApp on the number automatically
If you have a customer number, you will immediately see the presence of WhatsApp on this number
Can you immediately determine if you can write to a customer on WhatsApp? If not, just send him an SMS :)
You have contractors but
are not in a CRM?
You can now send WhatsApp messages to contractors who are not in amoCRM (contractors/suppliers) using variables, without having to purchase amoCRM licenses.
And then see communication with them as a regular customer
Sort customers by their
first message
You can create advertising and drive traffic to WhatsApp. Depending on the first message, it is possible to split the flow of Customers into different bots and track the conversion through Roistat.
This will free your operators from overwork, and your customers will receive an answer in seconds.
Chat via WhatsApp through amoCRM's mobile app
Watch the video to see how it works
In our modern world all the business tools should be on hand
No computer needed to respond a client immediately
Send videos, files and documents to your clients right on amoCRM
Deal all issues with clients promptly on CRM
Stay connected with a client wherever you are
High availability
A manager is always online for you from anywhere in the world
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All connected numbers are paid separately
Multi-account: the ability to connect multiple numbers to specific funnels
Unlimited number of active dialogs
Share photos, documents and Emojis
Communication with customers from the lead
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Notify employees / contractors / externals, about key events in the leads. Watch a video about how it works:
Notifying external employees who are not in AmoCRM
Initiate the first WhatsApp dialog with customers directly from AmoCRM
You can write first on WhatsApp
Personal Manager
Integration with Roistat
Send and receive videos
All that Basic includes
Full + Hosting
For a stable operation of the connection (e.g. WhatsApp), you will need a turned on phone all the time. Your account will work without your monitoring .
Hosting of a number connected to our equipment
Everything included in Basic and Full
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countries of presence
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We help companies to improve communication with customers and to automate business processes.
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